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Somewhere Higher [Jesus Christ Superstar] from evewithanapple on Vimeo.

Fandom: Jesus Christ Superstar
Music: Human - Rag'n'Bone Man
Summary: Lessons on loving a prophet.
Content Notes: Blood, suicide.
20 February 2017 @ 03:24 pm
Title: like sand through a filter
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Characters: Furiosa/The Valkyrie
Summary: The world has changed. Furiosa contemplates how to change with it.
Rating: G

hear you like a whisperCollapse )

13 February 2017 @ 11:48 pm

Patron Saint Hunter [The Witch] from evewithanapple on Vimeo.

Fandom: The Witch (2016)
Music: Patron Saint Hunter - Timbre Timbre
Summary: Keep the family in / Keep the family sin / Daddy, lock the temple door.
Content Notes: Blood, violence, goats
13 February 2017 @ 11:40 pm

Blank Space [Brick] from evewithanapple on Vimeo.

Fandom: Brick (2005)
Music: Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Summary: I love the players, and you love the game.
13 February 2017 @ 11:38 pm

Save The Last Dance [The Conjuring] from evewithanapple on Vimeo.

Fandom: The Conjuring (2013), The Conjuring 2 (2016)
Music: Save The Last Dance - The Drifters
Summary: Baby don't you know I love you so?
Notes: Made for sol_se for Festivids 2016
29 December 2016 @ 03:39 pm
Title: where you go to rest your bones
Fandom: Six of Crows
Summary: Nina comes home.
Rating: G

you'll be always on my mindCollapse )

04 November 2016 @ 05:10 pm
Title: a book of household poisons
Fandom: Crimson Peak
Pairing: Lucille Sharpe/Edith Cushing, Lucille Sharpe/Thomas Sharpe
Summary: Lucille Sharpe was not in the habit of underestimating her enemies.
Rating: T

a perfect little deathCollapse )

03 September 2016 @ 05:14 pm
Icons: Stranger Things (16)

monster huntingCollapse )